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Employment in Germany

The German labour leasing license

Labour Leasing provides firms with the advantages of economies of scale in lowering the cost of employee acquisition.

The German Blue Card

The EU blue card provides the citizens from a non-EU-country the legal permission to work in an EU- member state.

Information about the German Labour Law

Self-employed in Germany

A whitepaper about being self-employed in Germany.

German pension refund

A whitepaper about the options for expats leaving Germany to have a part of their paid German pension refunded.

Temporary work agencies in Germany

A whitepaper about emplying temporary workers in Germany.

Business liquidation in Germany

A whitepaper about winding down a legal entitiy in Germany.

The German sick leave policy

The German sick leave policy.

The advantage of timework in Germany

Timework in Germany.

Year end closing

At the end of a financial year it is time for companies to disclose all gains and losses recorded in a fiscal year.

German Immigration Law

Immigration and employment of Non-EU citizens in Germany

A labour permit requires permission from the foreign authority and the Federal Agency of Employment.

Immigration and employment of EU citizens in Germany

The right of free movement entitles the EU citizen to stay and work in Germany.

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