Employment in Switzerland of EU Citizens

EU Citizens

An EU citizen has the right of free movement within the limits of the European Union. The right of free movement entitles the EU citizen to stay and work in Switzerland or in any other country belonging to the EU. An EU-citizen is equivalent with German citizens and has only to follow the process of the local registration office in Switzerland. The registration is in general valid for three months only.

After expiration the EU citizen needs a "free movement license". This license is related to different criteria: The citizen has to meet the personal scope of application. Also a proof of employment & financial security is required to obtain the "free movement license" in Switzerland.

"Van der Elst" Agreement

A special feature is represented by the “Van der Elst” agreement of which EU based companies are able to benefit from. “Van der Elst” is for companies which are employing so called “Third-country citizens” in Switzerland. In regard to the “Van der Elst” agreement an employee has the right to work in Switzerland during the time of being assigned with the related company without the obligation to go through the whole administrative procedure. “Third-country citizens” also do not have to obtain a work permit.

The German foreign law is also affected by the European law and will remain complex. Employees in Switzerland always have to comply with legal requirements and German bureaucracy. Talk to us in order to find out more about the different options that exist to recruit and employ EU and Non-EU workers in Switzerland. 

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