The Labour Leasing Licence

Labour Leasing License

Business case

A British company's objective is to send employees to individual Swiss companies in order to support those companies to develop their business. The objective of the British company is to obtain and manage temporary workers in Switzerland.

Business challenge

As a holder of the Swiss Labour Leasing Lisence, the British company fully manages the temporary workers, but requires a Swiss company to do so.

Questions to be considered

  • How is the process of administrative application set in Switzerland?
  • How would the supply and work contract be defined?
  • Does any Collective Bargaining Law apply?
  • How will the tax situation of the company look like?

How we helped

The Counselhouse legal services team provided fundamental consultancy and attendance through the process of registration in Switzerland that included:

  • Advisory and Monitoring of the administrative procedure
  • Legal & Tax registration of company and employee
  • Preparation of supply and work contract as well as necessary documents
  • Negotiation with the regional directorate of the Federal Agency of Employment
  • HR & payroll management for the British company who sent its employees to Switzerland

Lara Pairs

Attorney at Law
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