Relocation of foreign employees to Switzerland

Business case

A new business unit of a global Indian enterprise was seeking support to relocate Indian empoyees to Switzerland. The business objective of the new unit was to invest own resources to develop its new business in Western Europe. The Indian holding company, with an annual revenue of $70bio.and with a headcount of more than 300.000 employees, has already been operating globally.

Business challenge

Before the Indian business unit was able to send new resources to Switzerland the business had to answer some important questions. The questions were mainly related to the Swiss labour law and tax compliance.

Questions to be considered

  • What are the short-term and long-term objectives of the Indian parent?
  • How a HR and tax strategy could be approached, based on the defined business objectives?
  • How would the legal contracts be defined in order to employee new staff in a short time?
  • What is the financial condition of social insurance and security in Switzerland?
  • What does this approach mean to the company from a tax & legal perspective?

How we helped

Counselhouse provides fundamental consultancy and attendance following through the whole legal operation. From the appointment with Swiss Embassy in India until the last day of work in Switzerland, we will be there with advise and action.

  • Advise and monitoring of the full procedure of the employment of new staff in Switzerland.
  • Legal & Tax registration of the new Indian staff allocated to Switzerland.
  • Preparation of legal documents in coordination with the HR department of HQ in India.
  • Negotiation with the foreign authority and Federal Agency of Employment.

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