Employment law

Counselhouse provides specialized teams that cover all aspects of HR law. Counsehouse advises clients in the areas of employment, social security and pensions law. Furthermore we are well experienced to advise clients when it comes to allocate workforce to Switzerland in regard to the Swiss immigration law.

Counselhouses expertise can be brought into an organization to assist in the development and implementation of an effective HR strategy:

  • Setting up and maintaining employee files
  • Contract of founding Shareholder(s)
  • Comliances & Regulations
  • Applying for the Swiss labour leasing licence
  • Contract compliances
  • Calculating commission fees and other variables
  • People analyses, efficiency reviews
  • Setting up and operating payroll systems
  • payment processing
  • HR strategy advisory
  • calculating and paying social security contributions and withholding tax, PAYE and other contributions at local, regional and national levels

How we can help you

From the creation of the the first contract along participating shareholders, towards the setup of a complete operating sales organisation, our legal advisors can guide companies through the process of developing their business within and across the German marketplace.

Lara Pairs

Attorney at Law
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*Copyright Counselhouse 2017. Counselhouse is a legal service provider. All legal advisory services offered on this website are provided by Lara Pairs & her team. Lara Pairs is a registered business lawyer in Switzerland.