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Intellectual Property (IPs) can create and capture value to an organisation within and across multiple countries. By using IPs as a strategic tool, Intellectual Property assets can be turned into Intellectual Capital that support the following business objectives: 

  • Ensure business flexibility
  • Secure business profitability
  • Maintain superior competitive position

The right IP strategy can be obtained for the benefit and growth of the whole enterprise, globally. Counselhouses global competence center for patent strategies, our clients will be able to evaluate scenarios about how to develop rapidly growing intellectual assets in multiple ways more effectively. 

How we can assist you

Counselhouse provides companies with high potentials to develop their inventions with great expertise on managing their patent portfolio for cutting-edge technologies.

Benefit from a wide range of patent strategy advisory services provided for the following topics:

  • Trade marks & brands
  • Confidentiality 
  • Copyright
  • Patents 

Counselhouses objective is to dedicate as much time as required to the client's IP development plan allowing for a deep understanding of your invention. In this way, it will be most effective for you to achieve the highest value of patent protection in Switzerland and Greater Europe.

Lara Pairs

Attorney at Law
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